Northwest Academy

College Preparatory
Grades offered: 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

We are a school that derives our uniqueness—and our greatness—from providing curated experiences that spark and nourish self-guided exploration, continual improvement, creative thought and action, and deepening connections with peers, mentors and the surrounding world—all in an atmosphere that is joyful, welcoming, and gracious. In particular, Northwest Academy students grow through:

  • Experiences with finding and developing their intellectual and artistic voices. At Northwest Academy, there is a special role played by the fine and performing arts: they are not merely a scattering of offerings on the fringes of a vast program, they are essential to the fabric of all courses in all disciplines. Art and science are in continuous dialogue with each other, as are creativity and analysis, innovation and tradition, inspiration and discipline.
  • Experiences with the cosmopolitan, urban cultural hub of Portland. The City of Portland is not merely home to this school; the city is an honorary member of the faculty. When our students walk the 12th Avenue corridor, they develop a feeling of having mastered the city and the cultural resources it lays before them; in doing so, they develop a feeling of having mastered an aspect of themselves. They are ready to engage with the big, wide world.
  • Experiences seeking their own path and telling their own story. I am sometimes asked to describe “the typical Northwest Academy student.” Happily, that’s not possible: our graduates will not look alike, dress alike, talk alike, think alike, hope alike, or dream alike. Not like each other…and maybe not like anyone else, ever. From the admissions process on through to the college application process, we lead students in confidently exploring the fit—to examine their ambitions, abilities, and interests to determine their best route to success.
1130 Southwest Main Street, Portland, OR, USA

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